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POLICYAID (2017-2020)

Klaus Høyer, Aaro Tupasela, Anja Bornø, Francisca NordfalkZainab Sheikh, Sarah Wadmann

This project explores drivers for and implications of data-intensification of healthcare.


Obesity in Danish and Swedish media – text and images (2016-xx)

Signild Vallgårda

The Ageing Professor (2016-2021)

Thomas Söderqvist

I am studying the ageing professional/academic. Using autoethnographical methodology, I focus on the possibilities of autobiography as a means for self-understanding, especially memoir writing as an extended curriculum vitae, as a ‘soici de soi’ (Hadot), and as a revival of the late medieval art of ars moriendi.


MeInWe (2017-2022)

Mette Nordahl Svendsen, Mie Seest Dam, Laura Emdal Navne, Iben Mundbjerg Gjødsbøl, Jeanette Bresson Ladegaard Knox

Personalized Medicine in the Danish Welfare State (MeInWe) explores how strategies of tailoring diagnosis, treatment and prevention to individual genetic variability challenge existing ethical, organizational and regulatory frameworks in medicine. The project asks two central questions: How is “the personal” understood and established when genomic data are applied and exchanged in Danish health care? Which collectivities—e.g. species, ethnicity, nation, health care services, and ultimately the welfare state— are implied in constituting “the personal”? With these questions MeInWe critically assesses how strategies of personalized medicine draw boundaries around the person (the me), and how collectivities (the we) are shaped and negotiated in creating knowledge about the individual.

Technologies of participation in healthcare: How is patient generated data reconfiguring care? (2016-2021)

Henriette Langstrup, Rikke Torenholt

Looking at technologies for self-monitoring and for collecting patient reported outcomes, we explore the social and organizational implication of technologies aiming at involving patients through the collection of data on their bodies, behavior and experiences.   

eHealth with minors living with a chronic condition (2017-2020)

Claudia Bagge Petersen

Sequelae and Survivorship: Being in Life after Cancer? (2016 – 2018)

Jeanette Bresson Ladegaard Knox

At present we lack knowledge of how long-term cancer survivors perceive the life of being a survivor. This knowledge can be generated through a study that has a philosophical framework for understanding survivorship in the midst of the fundamental upheaval of self-perception. Adopting an ontological horizon of how the survivors interpret their existence allows for a comprehensive gaze that can assist with identifying what it means to be in life as a survivor. This knowledge can expand services in rehabilitation and survivor care that target the identity and values related challenges that cancer caused and which continues to ruminate in the minds of people in long-term survivorship.

Negotiating needs, negotiating old age – a practice study of transitions in eldercare as played out in the introduction of enabling care (2014-2018)

Malene Nørskov Bødker

Knowledge negotiation and AI in medical imaging

Jan Kyrre Friis, Mikael Boesen, Augusto Bravo

Kommunikation og kræftdiagnoser: Et kvalitativt studie på en diagnostisk enhed

Jan Kyrre Friis, Srikant Sarangi, Christian von Plessen