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Malene Nørskov Bødker

Malene Nørskov Bødker

PhD Student

My PhD project focuses on the introduction of reablement in the Danish eldercare sector. Politically, reablement is described as a new eldercare paradigm representing a shift ‘from passive to active care’, and aims at making older people more independent by means of training programmes in everyday tasks such as cleaning or doing laundry. Since the interests of the project revolves around the practical aspects of translating policy to practice, the empirical material for this research is obtained by means of ethnographic methods. The research questions focus on the moral challenges and implications that emerge in the meeting between older people, eldercare professionals and relatives involved in reablement, including how professional identities are transformed, how responsibilities between citizens and the state are redistributed and how ideas about the good senior life and good eldercare are managed and negotiated between the actors involved.

ID: 105378954