Centre for Medical Science and Technology Studies

The Centre for Medical Science and Technology Studies (MeST) brings together a diverse group of researchers in bioethics, medical anthropology, philosophy, and STS who share an interest in healthcare technologies, practices and institutions. We are also involved in fostering these perspectives in many degree programs within the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen.




The Centre for Medical Science and Technology Studies (MeST) was established in 2010 by Lene Koch as a collaboration between scholars in the Section of Health Services Research and Medical Museion, Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen. Previous directors also include Mette Nordahl Svendsen and Henriette Langstrup. MeST is currently headed by Ezio Di Nucci together with Co-Director Anja Jensen

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Being the largest assemblage of scholars in the field of medical science and technology studies in this part of the world, the Centre aims to play an active role in the international STS research community and thereby attract scholars of international standing in the field for short or long-term research stays at the Centre.

Special efforts are made to coordinate visits by prominent scholars to fit the teaching aims of the Faculty, especially on the postgraduate level. 













Current projects

TechneEmotion (1/9 2022 – 31/8 2025)

Anja Marie Bornø Jensen (PI), Zainab Sheikh, Sofie á Rogvi, Lesley Sharp

The hope of solving the constant organ shortage gives rise to many new medical technologies presenting us with new treatment options, new ethical dilemmas and new ways of interfering with human and animal bodies.
TechnEmotion deals with the interaction between technology and emotion in organ transplantation by exploring ethnographically the ethical and existential implications of new transplant technologies, such as xenotransplantation, new death criteria for organ donors, stem cell research, and ex-vivo technologies (organs in machines). Focusing on emotional practices among patients, families, healthcare professionals, researchers and policy makers, we investigate how humans are affected by new technologies and, conversely, we focus on the role and power of emotions when new transplant technologies are developed and implemented in clinical practice.

Face2Face (2021-2022)
A practice-oriented pilot project that investigates whether drama and music can give children with cerebral palsy greater sense of self and other and build community and friendship through creativity.
In collaboration with actor Lotte Arnsbjerg and Elsass Fonden. Jeanette Bresson Ladegaard Knox (PI).

bioethicsCPH: research and teaching in bioethics at the University of Copenhagen (2019-2023)

Ezio Di Nucci

We are a diverse group of philosophers doing research and teaching in and around bioethics, medical ethics, and ethics and philosophy of technology at the Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen.

See: https://publichealth.ku.dk/bioethics/

Body Time: Metabolism, Multicyclic Being and Temporal Environments (2019-2022)

Louise Whiteley and Adam Bencard.

We are all timepieces. Circadian rhythms connect our bodies with the world around us – the clocks in our cells regulating patterns of eating, sleeping and exercising. The Body Time project is interested in these rhythms, temporality and health in the lab, in history and in public.

See: www.museion.ku.dk/body-time/

Microbes on the Mind

Louise WhiteleyAdam Bencard

In the last decade, a new scientific research field has grown up around a startling insight: the trillions of bacteria that live in our gut seem to affect how the brain develops and functions. Whilst this scientific research is still at an early stage, results are already escaping the laboratory and catching the attention of journalists, doctors, and patients alike. This project therefore asks: what does microbiome research mean for our understanding of mental illness and its treatment? How is meaning created within and across the domains of science, media culture, and personal experience? The methods include open, experimental workshops in the Mind the Gut exhibition at Medical Museion, designed through collaboration with creative writers.

mHealth with minors living with a chronic condition (2017-2022)

Claudia Bagge-Petersen

Mobile health smartphone applications (mHealth apps) are deemed promising for improving children and young people’s illness management. However, the evidence for such apps’ success in integrating into the everyday life of this group as well as in improving health outcomes is mixed. The project explores how mHealth apps are designed and attuned to children and young people that live with chronic illness in Denmark. Through a multi-method ethnographic study on how children and young people live with chronic illness, and how mHealth design projects target this group, the analysis contributes to our understanding of the kinds of troubles that attuning mHealth apps to particular circumstances of children and young people can imply in a Danish setting.

POLICYAID (2017-2020)

Klaus HøyerAaro TupaselaAnja BornøFrancisca Nordfalk,  Zainab Sheikh, Sarah Wadmann

This project explores drivers for and implications of data-intensification of healthcare.

See Policyaid.ku.dk

The Ageing Professor (2016-2021)

Thomas Söderqvist

I am studying the ageing professional/academic. Using autoethnographical methodology, I focus on the possibilities of autobiography as a means for self-understanding, especially memoir writing as an extended curriculum vitae, as a ‘soici de soi’ (Hadot), and as a revival of the late medieval art of ars moriendi.

See www.canities.dk

MeInWe (2017-2022)

Mette Nordahl SvendsenMie Seest DamLaura Emdal NavneIben Mundbjerg GjødsbølJeanette Bresson Ladegaard Knox, Clémence Pauline Cécile Pinel

Personalized Medicine in the Danish Welfare State (MeInWe) explores how strategies of tailoring diagnosis, treatment and prevention to individual genetic variability challenge existing ethical, organizational and regulatory frameworks in medicine. The project asks two central questions: How is “the personal” understood and established when genomic data are applied and exchanged in Danish health care? Which collectivities—e.g. species, ethnicity, nation, health care services, and ultimately the welfare state— are implied in constituting “the personal”? With these questions MeInWe critically assesses how strategies of personalized medicine draw boundaries around the person (the me), and how collectivities (the we) are shaped and negotiated in creating knowledge about the individual.

Technologies of participation in healthcare: How is patient generated data reconfiguring care? (2016-2021)

Henriette LangstrupRikke Torenholt

Looking at technologies for self-monitoring and for collecting patient reported outcomes, we explore the social and organizational implication of technologies aiming at involving patients through the collection of data on their bodies, behavior and experiences.   

eHealth with minors living with a chronic condition (2017-2020)

Claudia Bagge Petersen

Sequelae and Survivorship: Being in Life after Cancer? (2016 – 2018)

Jeanette Bresson Ladegaard Knox

At present we lack knowledge of how long-term cancer survivors perceive the life of being a survivor. This knowledge can be generated through a study that has a philosophical framework for understanding survivorship in the midst of the fundamental upheaval of self-perception. Adopting an ontological horizon of how the survivors interpret their existence allows for a comprehensive gaze that can assist with identifying what it means to be in life as a survivor. This knowledge can expand services in rehabilitation and survivor care that target the identity and values related challenges that cancer caused and which continues to ruminate in the minds of people in long-term survivorship.

Negotiating needs, negotiating old age – a practice study of transitions in eldercare as played out in the introduction of enabling care (2014-2018)

Malene Nørskov Bødker

Knowledge negotiation and AI in medical imaging

Jan Kyrre Friis, Mikael Boesen, Augusto Bravo

Kommunikation og kræftdiagnoser: Et kvalitativt studie på en diagnostisk enhed

Jan Kyrre Friis, Srikant Sarangi, Christian von Plessen 

Past projects

  • Body and Person: Governing Exchange in 21st Century Biomedicine
  • LifeWorth: What is a life worth living?














































Head of Centre
Ezio Di Nucci
Professor with special responsibilities

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Anja Bornøe portræt

Anja Marie Bornø Jensen
Associate professor

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